Best Website Malware and Virus Removal 2021

We were searching online for a simple guide or direction for website owners and managers to take to secure their website and hosting. We had trouble finding a plan from an expert who gave a simple, straight-forward solution that was guaranteed to work so we’ve put together a 2-minute plan of action.

If you are reading this article you’ve likely been issued a warning from your website host that your website will be suspended due to malware or you have started to experience foreign links, code, and content within your website. Please understand malware is like a website cancer. Malware often feeds off hidden files all through your root folder which continually executes malicious content to different areas of your website. This means a regular website developer/designer attempting to remove the malicious content isn’t satisfactory. It’s like going to your regular GP to treat a major illness, you need a specialist. Thankfully we have Securi.

Who is Securi?

Securi is the #1 website security and malware removal company in the world. Securi is recommended by the tech giants and you often see small badges stating “securi secure” on websites. The best part is they offer their services to all website owners across the world. Simply sign up in 2 minutes and you’re on your way.

Remove Malware Now

Securi offer website security solutions built for small businesses, enterprise organizations, and web professionals. The registered account holders can also count on professional help, at no extra cost, available 24/7/365. Signup only takes 2 minutes and you will be hooked up with a professional to begin cleaning your website.

The Best Part

The Malware is removed, then for the next 12 months they will continually scan your website every 6-12hrs to ensure no new malware has been created or come back.

Take a look at Securi’s packages here.

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