SOLVED ‘Preview Could Not Be Loaded’ Error – Elementor

We understand you are here because you are seeing an error when you try to use Elementor that states: ‘Preview could not be loaded’? Time is of the essence so let’s focus on getting your Elementor page builder back and operational. Please note this is a temporary fix as we find most often the error stems from the theme not staying up to date with Elementor. Therefor, we’ll be checking it’s a theme error and rolling Elementor back.

Step 1 – Safe Mode

Head to your WordPress Dashboard and select Elementor -> Tools -> General -> Safe mode = Enabled and select ‘Save Changes’

Step 1 Instructions

Next, head back to your page and select ‘edit page with Elementor’ to check the page loads. DO NO MAKE/SAVE ANY CHANGES TO THE PAGE

Step 2 – Rollback Elementor

Now, we are going to head back to the dashboard and navigate to Elementor > Tools > Version Control. Within the version control, you can rollback Elementor to the previous update.

If the problem still persists, it is likely due to your theme addons or Elementor addons being corrupt or out-of-date. What you need to do is navigate to your plugins and deactivate and activate all plugins one at a time with Elementor turned on to find the culprit.

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